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Be Local is a membership based local support initiative designed to promote local businesses, support local commerce, give back to the community and provide individuals with incentives to dine, shop, and utilize services that help protect the local economy. We are 100% local, from the people to the product.


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Be Local” is a local support initiative based on the realization of the importance of supporting local commerce in pro-development communities. Saratoga Springs, a Pro-development "small town" in the Adirondack Mountains is the perfect pro-development community to house this initiative. Voted Money Magazine's 75th best small town to live in 2011, Saratoga continues to grow at a rapid rate. Saratoga was built on local business and as the community grows it opens up prime opportunities for corporate businesses to move in. These corporate businesses are able to compete with the local businesses with a price advantage due to their size, hindering the local economy over time, and potentially driving our locals out of business.


Saratoga native and Skidmore alumnus Leejay Pollacchi recognizes that Saratoga Springs is a beautiful place to live, but also believes that the rapid growth of corporate business is negatively affecting the local businesses that have built this community from the ground up. In an effort to counteract this effect, Pollacchi has teamed up with local business owners to offer the community exclusive deals as an incentive to support local businesses. In turn the Be Local initiative was created.

Meet the Founder

Leejay Pollacchi


As Be Local’s founder, Leejay is responsible for Be Local’s day-to-day operations, as well as leading the initiative in product development, member and community support, and marketing. He drafted the idea for Be Local in 2013 while attending Skidmore College but the initiative took flight in the summer of 2015.


Leejay is a Saratoga Springs native having moved to the area at a very young age and also holds a bachelor’s degree in management and business from Skidmore College with a concentration in marketing and a minor in Arts Administration. Leejay was a 4-year athlete for Skidmore College’s baseball program and has now offered this initiative to the Skidmore Baseball Program as a fundraiser to help give back. As an Eagle Scout from local Boy Scout Troop 22, a former member of Saratoga’s Big Brother Program, and a former employee of 3 Be Local members, Leejay loves to Be Local.

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Stephen Struss, Enstrumental

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“Local” Matt Petterson, Dom Pfau

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Adirondack Trust



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