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As we said we are 100% local. That means that down to every piece of merchandise, every little design and every picture you see on our website, everything is sourced locally. Here is a look at who are major contributors are.

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Local is the result of many trials and errors, all fueled by a love for the place we grew up, Upstate New York; specifically, the beautiful and small town of Bolton Landing. Our hometown gave us our childhood, early adulthood, and now our livelihood. We’re incredibly proud of this place. Hell, we’re so proud of it that we started a company focusing on he “Local-ness” of it.


It started small. Dom and I screen printed 15 tank tops in my kitchen in the wee hours of a summer 2011 morning. Two of those 15 tank tops were ours, leaving 13 for us to sell for a measly $10 apiece. Lake George was the focus and inspiration of Local’s early products. It remains the same today. Our logo’s evolution has brought us to one that incorporates the silhouette of Lake George into the word “Local.” This way, no matter where Local goes, its origins—Lake George—will always be a part of it.


Wherever you go and whatever you do, you started in one definite place; some place that made you the man or woman that you are today. We want you to remember, appreciate, and celebrate that place with us, wherever it may be.


It’s for this reason that we jumped at the opportunity when Leejay contacted us about becoming a part of the Be Local Initiative. We couldn’t think of a better cause to support and sponsor than one that encourages giving back to your hometown and the people that have planted their roots permanently in its soil and economy.


We still proudly screen-print our shirts right at our shop in Bolton Landing, but through this partnership we plan to gravitate into Saratoga Springs in the future along side Be Local.  If you’re wearing a Be Local shirt right now or just ordered one off their website, then we printed that one too.


Local and Be Local are two organizations supporting each other and each other’s mindset that we must give back to the towns and areas that raised us.  We owe them everything. Our friends are here, our family, our past, and our future.


Stay local.

Dom & Matt


Matt Peterson

Dom Pfau

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  Bolton Landing, NY – Saratoga Springs, NY


Taylor Carota

Stephen Struss

Matt Pfeifer


Web Design

Local Musician

  Saratoga Springs, NY

  Saratoga Springs, NY

  Saratoga Springs, NY

Photographing for the Be Local Initiative was a pleasure to do.  It gave me a chance to go into local places of business that I have yet to visit.  Also, it was an opportunity to meet a lot of great local owners that love where we live.  Everyone I met was excited to be apart of something that will be great for our community.  The fact that everything that was contributed to make the Be Local Initiative come to life was done within the local community is amazing. I was even advised to take the photo of myself, so this initiative truly is 100% Local.


Personally, I specialize in portrait and wedding photography and would be more than happy to provide more services for the local community of Saratoga Springs. For inquiries, email me here and to see more of my photography visit my website.

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As an strong advocate for supporting locally owned businesses, I loved the opportunity to work with Be Local. The guys behind this initiative are incredibly passionate and 110% dedicated to supporting Saratoga-based businesses and seeing our local community grow. Its guys like Leejay and Troy, and their hard work that allow me to do what I love and grow as a small local business owner.


As a graphic and web designer, my company Enstrumental gets to work with other local businesses and artists to develop their passion into a brand. I provide graphic, logo and brand design, digital marketing materials, social media management, and web and mobile design. I'm also a musician, so I focus in digital branding for artists, bands and other performers. And as a graduate of Saint Rose's Music Industry program and a professional musician for over 10 years, my experience in the industry can be extra beneficial for new or emerging artists and bands.

My enthusiasm for the Be Local initiative comes directly from the deep enthusiasm and passion of the founders themselves; the ones who started Be Local on a notepad. The people involved with this organization have a love for Saratoga that runs deep and understand the importance of supporting local business ventures - the bread and butter of Saratoga Springs itself. The charm of our beautiful city comes from the fact that it really doesn't feel like a city at all once you look deep enough. Once you walk into a few locally owned businesses a few times, they remember you by name and shake your hand; they take care of you and they respect you; they are thankful for your business in such a personal way that you suddenly forget you live in a city of almost thirty thousand.


When you buy local, you feel local... whether you're just visiting or you're born and raised.

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